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Here are some of the campaigns available with your FREE account

You don't need a website to use Campaign Hub!

Welcome to the NEW Marketing Age!

Marketing has undergone a massive transformation in the last 15 years, the days of leaflets, local papers and mailings have gone. To get ahead now you have to use the BIG 4!

Facebook Ads

Accurately target 1000's of consumers in your town from as little as £1 per day using our Facebook Ad integration – this is the essential tool for finding new customers and keeping your current customers up to date with your offers.

If you're not advertising on Facebook you're missing out!

SMS Marketing

No one leaves unread SMS messages on their phones, it is THE most responsive broadcast network out there today! Use our SMS add on to regularly send your current customers links to your newsletters, current customer only offers, invites to bring or recommend a friend... the possibilities are endless!

Email Campaigns

Everyone has email and chances are you have hundreds of email addresses from customers and prospects that you've never used – Our email platform makes using those emails effortless, just like SMS you can send newsletters, vouchers, invites and keep in regular contact by using our simple email platform.

Google and Search

Everyone uses Google every day to find what they want online - which is why it's called search marketing.

We can make sure that your offers come up on Google when people search using our PPC(Pay-Per-Click) integration.

What you get with your Free Forever account

When you sign up for a free account you automatically get all these features included in your account!

The use of the sharing platform

Share your latest promotion on Facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
You'll create an advert which leads to a landing page that explains your offer and captures the prospect's details, and delivers your voucher – all of which you can tailor to your own business.

Access to all our editable templates

To create your own adverts, landing pages and vouchers; for all sorts of promotions.

Downloadable How-To Guides and video demos

Learn how to use our system with easy to follow PDF guides and quick to watch videos.

Support during office hours

Through live chat, email or Facebook messaging.

Access to your leads

Download the leads in a list to call them and use it for SMS or email campaigns.

Access to your activity reports

See how many times your promotion has been clicked on and how many voucher downloads you’ve had.

Your vouchers delivered

Directly by email to your clients inbox.



Pearson Brown

"Campaign Hub really helped us in our first few months of opening our business in Watford. They generated lots of business for me and continue to do so. I would recommend them any day of the week."- Emilie Pearson-Brown

Gill Riding

Sound Physique

"Campaign Hub has given me about £2400 worth of new business just this month for a total cost of £300. All new clients. I would say that was a good return on my investment. Thank you Campaign Hub." - Gill Ridings