What can you do with Campaign Hub?

Build mobile friendly offers and landing pages

To create your own adverts, landing pages and vouchers; for all sorts of promotions.

Share on your social media

Use your own social networks to promote your goods and services.

Send emails

Email all your contacts simply and safely using your own list of contacts.

Send SMS

Send SMS marketing messages to all your contacts.

Advertise on Facebook

Manage your Facebook advertising using our fully integrated system.

See all your leads and enquiries in one place

Using our system you can manage all subsequent contact with your new clients.

Full reporting suite

Examine how each offer and landing page is performing in an easy to understand system.

Mobile friendly system

You can use our system on a desktop PC or Mac, tablets or even your phone.

What's in a Campaign?

We provide pre-populated templates that need a few minutes editing before you share.

Facebook Advert

A Facebook Advert

Landing Page

Landing Page

Thank you Example

Thank you page



Frequently Asked Questions

CampaignHub is a platform that allows you to quickly and easily create and manage ad campaigns, allowing you to promote your business on social media, email and/or SMS and generate leads that are delivered to you in real time.

A business, a PC or laptop and a desire to promote your business.

Click on any of the "SIGN UP" buttons on the site.

No - It’s not essential and won’t stop Campaign Hub from working for you.

Sharing a picture of one of your products or services on Facebook is not advertising - If it doesn’t create an action; it’s not an advert and if you haven’t paid any money for it, it’s definitely not what Facebook considers as advertising. An organic post will actually only reach 3-8% of your Facebook fans.

In fact, if you’ve ever got as far as using The Power Editor to fully utilise Facebook Advertising, you’ll appreciate how tricky it is and welcome Campaign Hub with open arms!

Campaign Hub is not part of Facebook and any ads must be paid for by nominating a credit card for the business it is advertising.

There is no fixed price on how much you should be spending on Facebook. You can spend as much as you like. However, bear in mind that the less you spend, the less people your advert will reach. As a general rule of thumb we suggest no less than £5 per day per offer which is roughly about £150 per month.

No – we work alongside them with their full support.

A landing page is the page the client 'lands' on once they have clicked your offer and the front door to your website or, if you don’t have one, it’s where you explain more about the offer and your business.

Here's what landing pages are designed to do:

  • Start the customer journey
  • Explain your offer
  • Collects customer information
  • Is the vehicle by which your voucher is delivered

Our phone lines are open from Monday to Friday 9am – 5.00pm UK time or you can email us at info@campaignhub.com.