Case Studies

New U Laser Clinic - Edinburgh

New U Laser Clinic wanted to run an offer of 40% off HD Brows and had assigned a £135 budget to spend on Facebook advertising. We put together these ads and New U got 501 clicks in a month. This resulted in 80 leads, most of whom booked an appointment and they trickled in at a manageable rate of between 1 and 8 just about every day.

New U Laser Clinic Facebook Ad

This means that each lead cost the salon only £1.69. Not only that, but they can re-target all of those 501 clicks with next month’s campaign, or next time they run a brow offer as they have now created themselves an audience that is familiar with their brand, and importantly, one that they now know is definitely interested in that particular treatment. Angela at New U chose a different offer for the following month as she had no HD appointments left!

New U Laser Clinic Landing Page

Anesis - Clapham

Already busy, Anesis in Clapham wanted to get to as many local residents as possible in a short amount of time to promote two fabulous new features of their salon. Clapham hosts literally hundreds of hair and beauty salons so competition is rife and salons really have to be on top of their game.

With this in mind, MySalonHub suggested that Anesis run two offers that would appeal to most females along the Northern Line… 50% off nails which promoted their new Champagne Nail Bar and 50% off at the New Blow Dry Bar which promised 30 minute blow drys.

Anesis Facebook Ads

Both offers pulled in a huge amount of interest and Anesis had plenty of clients come launch day making their salon the busiest on the block!

They had 47 blow dry leads and 53 nail leads in just 3 weeks and only spent a little over £250. Their ads had been served to over 50,000 people… Just THINK how much it would cost to print and distribute 50,000 leaflets!

Anesis Landing Page

Sound Physique – Tottington

This Clinic in a small village just outside Bury in Greater Manchester wanted to promote their ultra sound liposuction. They knew that by offering a free session, clients would book a course based on the immediate results. Mysalonhub created an ad and a landing page and potential clients were presented with a voucher for £50.00 off.

Gill at Sound Physique got a steady stream of leads through that she was easily able to manage and received 35 leads in her first month at £4.29 each. Since most people book a full course following a free session, this more than paid for her advertising.

Sound Physique Facebook Ad

The following month Gill ran a non-surgical facelift offer which is converting even better (as it has a wider range of appeal) with leads now coming in at £1.47!

Sound Physique Landing Page

Please note: All landing pages are displayed in tablet view. All costs quoted do not include our fee; they are based on advertising spend only.